In Starter’s guide to iOS Design, it talks about how you need to know your medium and which device you are designing for.

In Designing a Mobile App? Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes,  here are the 10 things you need to follow:

1. Don’t Begin Wireframes or Designs Without a Flowmap

The app needs to be well thought our first, skipping this could flaw your app design and take you back to square one if you get far along and it doesn’t work out.

2. Don’t Disregard the Development Budget

It should be a high quality design, don’t skimp on details because of a low budget. This could ruin the whole out come of the app.

3. Don’t Start With Low Resolutions & Avoid Bitmaps

Always design for high quality displays.

4. Don’t Undersize The Hit Area

Take into consideration the size of a finger and how easy it should be to click on something.

5. Don’t Gratuitously Use Intro Animations

A still image can be just as nice as an animation when starting up an app. going over board can cost you.

6. Don’t Leave Users Hanging

Use a progress bar when the app is loading so they know the app is loading and still working, not malfunctioning.

7. Don’t Blindly Copy Style From Other Operating Systems

Don’t make every app look like it was built by the operating system.

8. Don’t Overstuff Pixel-Dense Screens

This can cause difficulty in navigating and cluttered screens.

9. Don’t Assume Everyone Will Use Your App The Same Way You Do

Every user is different, that’s why user testing is so important.

10. Don’t Forget About Gestures, But Don’t Abuse Them Either

Use easy short cuts like a delete button, but don’t over use it.

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