Van Winkle, Ian

I like the fonts used, they are easy to read throughout. The type could be a few sizes bigger. Viewing from my Mac book it seems a little small in the nav bar on the portfolio site. I really like the set up of the studio site and the animations within it.

Tantri, Martin

I like the continuous flow of the site and how simple it is. The fonts are easy to read and the color scheme is nice and not overly distracting. You might be able to get away with a rollover effect when you put your cursor over the portfolio pieces though so it isn’t as static. When you expand and condense the window your page gets stretched and scaled out of proportion.

Dickey, Jacob

The logo in the upper left hand corner seems to small. The bar at the bottom of each page is a nice touch with the resume and about and contact. I think the color scheme is clean and subtle. The site is very simple and clean which is good, with the continuous scroll and three tab options.

Macpherson, Gavin

The continuous scroll is a nice touch and the colors aren’t too overwhelming, but I think you shouldn’t use the yellow. It gets a little hard to read on the purple and brown. On the experience page i do not like how the skills are shown through bars. It seems that you should add percentages or something and elaborate on how well you know programs and such. The site has so much going on, towards the bottom I just get lost and do not want to keep going. On the contact part, the message box could be centered instead of left aligned. Some stuff (process book) seems to be unfinished.

Quail, Chad

The logo in the upper left hand corner seems a bit blurry, same with the nave bar. In the nav bar I don’t like the black opaque box behind it. You should get rid of all the excess room at the bottom of the page. I like the continuous scroll though and how simple it is. The background texture is subtle enough that it doesn’t distract from the content.

Callahan, Jacquelyn

There is a lot of white space at the bottom of the portfolio page and an add? It looks really tacky. The galaxy image at the top could be stretched all the way out on the pages. Some of your portfolio pieces cannot be clicked on which is upsetting, because I wanted to see some of the portfolio work.

Bargreen, Chandler

I like the continuous scroll of the site, but when first visiting I do not know to scroll down. And when you are on a page it does not show it in the nav bar. I really like the animation in the background. It makes it so the site isn’t so plain.

Pfeiffer, Amanda

This site needs a lot of work, the nav bar links do not work. You can only view the portfolio page. You can only click on a couple of of pieces. The color scheme is boring and so is the font. You need a logo maybe to spice it up rather than just your name in the upper left hand corner. Your site is also no responsive and when I scroll down I can also scroll side to side which is pointless.

 Vinson, Gregory

The site is unresponsive. I don’t like the green you used. I like how simple it is though with the continuous scroll. The second nave bar for the types of work makes it easier to find a specific project. I think you should rethink how the pieces pull up when clicked on, I kept scrolling down and it was just the rest of the site it the back ground which was unnecessary.