My partner for this project will be Andrew A. We will be designing for the iPhone 6. We decided to use Marvel for the prototype. My app design ideas are the following:

  • Horoscope dating app – matches you with your compatible horoscope sign
  • Group: Group Messaging app – you can create a group (family, school, etc.) and message and send documents, PDFs, photos, videos and music.
  • Snow Bunny: Snowboarding/Skiing app – Choose a state or country, and you can see the different areas to ski and snowboard whether the mountain is open for the season, as well as weather, live feed video, pricing and times.

Andrew’s App Ideas:

  • Family tracker – Helps you keep in contact with kids and parents and know where they are.
  • Find Bands/Shows – Choose a city, state and see who is coming to you and buy tickets.
  • How to make mixed drinks – Little cook book for mixed drinks and shopping list for what you need.

Application Definition Statement: (EDM app)

This app is intended to bring the rave audience closer to EDM music. It scans their music library on their phone, based on the artists and genres normally played at raves and festivals the app will find those events close to you with dates. You can purchase tickets and even choose a location and date if you are looking for a specific event. You can also find artists and music on iTunes.

Features Users Might Like:

Type in your location and date or price range. Easy to navigate.


Ages 18-35. For Young adults who love the rave life and EDM music.

Features Audience will like:

Shows events and festivals near you. Can upload music from iTunes.