Girl at War:

girl at war

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Project Statement:

Project Description:

Create a website that will promote the novel, Girl at War, by Sara Novic. This website will be designed to blend with the book cover, making the book the main focus. It will link to the reader to a blog page, a short explanation about the book and the author, reviews of the book from previous readers, and a link to purchase.

Target Audience:

Women ages 18 to 35, interested in a novel that is historical fiction. These women are young adults who want to read a novel that is about an important part of life history but making it a story about a young girl who’s life has been destroyed by war but also how she tries to fit into the American Culture, while feeling that she does not belong anywhere.


The purpose of this website is to promote the authors book. It is where users can read about the novel, be able to purchase it, and leave any comments about it for future readers to decide if they would like to read it.