Concept Statement:

For my portfolio site, I would like to invite any future clients to it as well as friends and family to help spread the word about what I am doing and can do for clients. I am hoping to work freelance and not for a corporation or small business. I plan on moving back to Oregon once I graduate, then possibly furthering my education at the Art Institute of Portland for my Bachelors Degree.

My clients will want to see my portfolio work right off the bat, so my work needs to be the hierarchy of my site. It will need to be easy to navigate as well. I might need an about page, but I definitely need to supply a contact page with personal information as well as my resume to show what I have done work wise. I can also add social media accounts as well so that they can follow me and view my work on other domain likes twitter or linked in.

Goals of my site are to create enough buzz and traffic to gain work. I have connections in Oregon and Washington as well as one in California. I want people to be able to go and enjoy my site and navigate it easily even if they are not a client. My ultimate philosophy is that any art should come from the heart as well as mind. Do what you feel is right visually and emotionally when it comes to your art work. It can relate to the majority, but sometimes it won’t. You do not have to please everyone. The story I am telling to whom ever visits my site is that my art is fun and simple, each piece differs for every project. I am versatile when it comes to using different applications also.

The projects/work I will be showing on my site would be:

  • Layout Design projects consisting of a brochure, magazine spread and poster design
  • Illustrations
  • Type Design
  • Photography
  • Case Study and website redesign for Emerald City Guitars
  • HTML and CSS (website)
  • Fine Art
  • Logo Design

I will depict my layout design projects in my mock-up and possibly some illustrations, which can be worked on further.  I will include categories like photography, logo design, fine art, illustration, Website designs, type design.